Stand Tall, Stand Loud

Riverside Park, 2016

“Some will look at the noose and say its intended as a reference to the Black American experience…more so it is about human behavior. Many of us have either experienced or borne witness to the depth and expanse of America's hate on so many levels. So my sculpture is an intended voice for all of us in its denouncement of hate.” – Artist Aaron Bell

Bell's sculpture is part of the public art program Model to Monument, a partnership between the Art Students League and the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. They make my walks and runs through the park so much more interesting! 

Initially, the NYC Parks Department told Bell that the noose was “problematic” and a disturbance to the park's visitors. Bell reluctantly agreed to replace the noose with a head, but in a last minute decision, the Parks Department decided to allow the noose after all. 

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