Exploring Constellations

Exploring Constellations

Explore the amazing science behind constellations. 

Capstone Press, 2018

"One of the better books on constellations for children that I've seen, Exploring Constellations includes both southern and northern skies. Rather than listing one constellation per page, it describes constellations grouped by the seasons during which they're up after dark, which is, I think, a more accessible way to learn to find them. Another nice feature of this and other books in the series is that bold-faced vocabulary receives glossary definitions on the same page that the term is introduced as well as in the back." - The Planetary Society

"This is a wonderful book that I recommend. . . .The pictures and illustrations are extremely colorful and will draw in any reluctant reader. Most elementary students love the topic of space and astronomy and I’m sure this will be a well–read book in any library." - NSTA Recommends

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