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Black Holes C

Twenty-First Century Books, 2018

"A fresh look at some of the universe’s weirdest astronomical phenomena and the people who study them…. An up-to-date excursion past the boundaries of Newtonian physics: ‘Crazy!' as the author aptly puts it.” — Kirkus Reviews

"Latta offers a cogent explanation of complicated physics concepts, but it’s her enthusiasm for the subject matter that makes this really shine…. This slim yet dense volume showcases some of the thrilling new discoveries scientists are making right now in a variety of disciplines.” — Booklist

Graphic Universe, 2017

"Two young visitors take simultaneous tours of the world of subatomic particles and of the largest scientific instrument ever built…. Big tech at its biggest; weird science at its weirdest: readers will echo Sophie’s “It’s amazeballs!” — Kirkus Reviews 

"You will find this a fantastic, entertaining, enlightening read about CERN and particle physics. This is a fun and inspiring graphic novel for students and teachers alike to explore at so many levels of understanding.” —NSTA Recommends

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